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Volunteering at TES


If you'd like to become a volunteer in your childs classroom please contact your teacher on how you can help!

PLEASE SIGN IN AT THE FRONT OFFICE before going to your childs classroom.  For your safety, it's important for the staff to know where volunteers are at all times!  Thank you!


District requirements

Parent Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of the classroom program. Site administration reserves the right to determine the volunteer location at their site. If you would like to volunteer at your student’s school, please contact the school site directly. Parents are encouraged to chaperone field trips and other school activities. Parents are also welcome to attend any school assemblies or programs. To provide for the safety of students, all volunteers must adhere to the following requirements:


Students, employees, and parents/guardians have the reasonable right and expectation of privacy. In your capacity as a volunteer you may have access to information related to students, parents/guardians, employees or Board members. This information includes any personally identifiable data, information, and records collected, used, known, or kept by the District about a student whether in writing or verbally. Such information is NOT public information and shall be kept confidential.
Identification Badges
Volunteers must wear identification badges and sign in daily while volunteering. A picture identification badge may be obtained at the District Office. Please call the Personnel office at 434-5800 to schedule an appointment.
Tuberculosis Testing
All volunteers serving on our campuses on a regular basis for one hour or more are required to have a tuberculosis (TB) clearance. Adults will not be allowed to volunteer until they are able to provide a current TB clearance certificate from a doctor or county health department. Volunteers can pick up an authorization at the District Office for a district-paid TB test at a local San Luis Obispo County Health Department facility. The District will pay for the initial skin test only. No other tests, payments or reimbursements will be provided.


If volunteer duties require the adult to be alone with students (e.g. driving on a field trip, coaching, etc.), a Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint clearance is required. Such fingerprint clearance is conducted by the County Office of Education and paid for by the District. Volunteers may obtain an authorization form at the District Office. The fingerprint check by the Department of Justice looks for the same things employees are checked for – convictions for drug crimes, sexual crimes, or violent felonies. Fingerprint clearance shall be used by the district to exclude a volunteer only if it indicates convictions for any offense which could endanger children including, but not limited to, child abuse related offenses. Any fingerprint clearance indicating violations will be delivered directly to the superintendent, who will keep all results absolutely confidential.