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Online resources for FREE KEYBOARDING practice you can do at home!

Free Keyboarding Online!

Note: There are lots of other games for your child to explore on this site. Click on the “Keyboard Skills” link to begin learning. No registration is required. It’s very colorful and kid friendly. You would have to start at getting started, but in the future you can have your child click next to move through the website faster to their level. This program has the keyboard and fingers color coded together as a guide.

Signing up is optional. It has larger letters for kids and has two hands with the fingers being highlighted as they coordinate with the keys.

The only thing you need to do is create a login and password. Providing your e-mail is optional and they do NOT require any additional personal information to use the site. There are pictures of hands with blinking dots to guide students to use correct fingers with corresponding keys.

This one does not have any guide for learning the letter but is fun. Keyboard is color coded, but there’s no visual guide explaining which finger matches up with the color. It is visually appealing to kids. No registration is required.


No registration. The only the guide students have is that they look at a picture with a hand resting on the keyboard. The font size is a bit small for typing.

Click on “Free Typing Lessons” to get to the lesson part. This website does have hand guides and color to guide the student and it’s not as appealing.